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Empire of Corpses, The (2015)  link to Empire of Corpses, The on IMDb

Number: 1017

cover Empire of Corpses, The

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Also known as:: Shisha no teikoku

Country: Japan, 120 minutes

Spoken Languages:

Genre(s): Thriller, Sci-Fi, Animation

Director: Ryôtarô Makihara

Cast: Morgan Garrett (voice of Hadaly Lilith), Kana Hanazawa (voice of Hadary Lilith), Yoshimasa Hosoya (voice of John H. Watson), Taiten Kusunoki (voice of Frederick Barnaby)

Medium: Bluray + DVD

Plot Outline:
After breaking the law of reanimating human corpses, young Watson has to either work for the government or face punishment. He has to go on a secret mission, to find the notes of Viktor Frankenstein, who reanimated the first human corpse.

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Loaned: No

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