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Warcraft: The Beginning (2016)  link to Warcraft: The Beginning on IMDb

Number: 1025

cover Warcraft: The Beginning

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Also known as:: Warcraft (original title)

Country: China / Canada / Japan / USA, 123 minutes

Spoken Languages:

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Director: Duncan Jones

Cast: Travis Fimmel (as Anduin Lothar), Paula Patton (as Garona), Ben Foster (as Medivh), Dominic Cooper (as Llane Wrynn), Toby Kebbell (as Durotan / Antonidas)

Medium: Bluray + DVD

Plot Outline:
When the world of the Orcs Draenor is being destroyed by the evil fel magic that uses life-force, the powerful warlock Gul'dan creates a portal to the world of Azeroth and forms the Horde with members of the Orc clans. He also captures many prisoners to keep the portal. The king of Azeroth Llane Wrynn and his brother-in-law Anduin Lothar are informed by the apprentice of magician Khadgar that he has found fel magic in dead bodies and the king decides to summon the Guardian of Tirisfal Medivh to protect his kingdom. Lothar and Khadgar head Kharazhan to meet Medivh and a shadow points a book to Khadgar and he takes it and hides. Anduin, Khadgar and Medivh and a group of soldiers are attacked by Orcs and they capture the slave Garona, who is released by King Llane, and she shows the location of the portal. Garona is contacted by the Orc chief of a clan Durotan that wants to meet King Llane to stop the fel magic. Meanwhile Khadgar learns that the gate was opened with the help of someone ...

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Loaned: No

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