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Black Society Trilogy - SPECIAL EDITION (1995-1999)  link to Black Society Trilogy on IMDb  

Number: 1061

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Country: Japan, 302 minutes

Spoken Languages: Japanese

Genre(s): Thriller, Drama, Crime, Mystery

Director(s): Takashi Miike


Shinjuku Triad Society (1995) 102 Mins
Amidst a Chinese and Japanese mafia war, a lawyer for the Chinese mob finds a rift forming between him and his corrupt police office brother.

Rainy Dog (1997) 95 Mins
A Japanese assassin stranded in Taiwan must take work from a local crime boss to make ends meet when suddenly a woman from his past delivers a son to him.

Ley Lines (1999) 105 Mins
A group of Chinese youths living in Japan struggle to make their way in life and eventually find trouble with the local crime syndicate.


photo Kippei Shîna Kippei Shîna Kiriya
photo Tomorô Taguchi Tomorô Taguchi Wang
photo Ren Osugi Ren Osugi Yakuza boss
photo Takeshi Caesar Takeshi Caesar Karino
photo Sei Hiraizumi Sei Hiraizumi Police Captain Matsuzaki

Medium: Bluray,

Subtitles: English

Comments: Arrow;UPC760137968986;;2-Disc Set;

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: 1.85:1