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Caltiki, the Immortal Monster (1959)  link to Caltiki, the Immortal Monster on IMDb  

Number: 1192

poster Caltiki, the Immortal Monster

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Also known as: Caltiki il mostro immortale (original title)

Country: Italy, 76 minutes

Spoken Languages: Italian

Genre(s): Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi, Adventure

Director(s): Riccardo Freda, Mario Bava


Archaeologists investigating some Mayan ruins come across a blob-like monster. They manage to destroy it with fire, but keep a sample. Meanwhile, a comet is due to pass close to the Earth - the same comet passed near the Earth at the time the Mayan civilization mysteriously collapsed. Coincidence?


photo Gérard Herter Gérard Herter Max Gunther
photo Giacomo Rossi Stuart Giacomo Rossi Stuart Prof. Rodríguez's Assistant
photo Daniele Vargas Daniele Vargas Bob
photo Arturo Dominici Arturo Dominici Nieto
photo Nerio Bernardi Nerio Bernardi Police Inspector

Medium: Bluray + DVD,

Comments: Arrow;UPC760137985884;;;

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: 1.66:1