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Number: 1274

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Country: USA, 158 minutes

Spoken Languages: English

Genre(s): Horror, Fantasy

Director(s): John Carl Buechler

Cellar Dweller (1987) 78 Min
Thirty years have passed since the grisly murder/suicide of Colin Childress, creator of the comic book Cellar Dweller. But, as often happens to those ignorant of it, comic book artist Whitney Taylor is doomed to repeat history in a most grotesque way. Little does she know that her twisted renderings will soon reincarnate the bloody hysteria of Cellar Dweller.

Catacombs (1988) 84 Min
Five beautiful showgirls are trapped by a storm and find refuge in a creepy old castle. The owner of the castle, a strange nobleman, has a secret laboratory in the basement and has his own plans for the girls.


photo Yvonne De Carlo Yvonne De Carlo Mrs. Briggs
photo Debrah Farentino Debrah Farentino Whitney Taylor
photo Brian Robbins Brian Robbins Phillip Lemley
photo Pamela Bellwood Pamela Bellwood Amanda
photo Miranda Wilson Miranda Wilson Lisa

Medium: Bluray,

Comments: Shout Factory;UPC826663159769;;;

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: 1.78:1