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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG Vol. 02 (2002)  link to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG Vol. 02 on IMDb

Number: 129

cover Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG Vol. 02

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Also known as:: "Kôkaku kidôtai: Stand Alone Complex" (original title)

Country: Japan, 100 minutes

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese

Genre(s): Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Crime, Animation

Director: Kenji Kamiyama

Cast: Dino Andrade, Kevin Brief, Loy Edge, Barbara Goodson, Michael Gregory

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline: The second season of Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex begins with Section 9 being called back to work after a hostage situation of concern to the Ruling Party renders the Police useless. The entire team returns to the front lines: Kusanagi, Batoh, Togusa, Ishikawa, Saito, Paz & Borma, with four of the original Tachikomas restored after the firefight of Episode 26. The hostage situation announced the rising of a new terrorist cell, which takes much after another one in the headlines of today's papers. The Individual Eleven, whose members are neither individuals, or total up to eleven are a new threat to Public Security. How does a specialized public security group face an enemy more faceless than the "laughing man" during a time of political unrest? Among the broad changes from the first show involve the new ruling party, headed by the new Prime Minister Kabayuki after the prior ousting in GITS: SAC, the Japanese Residents caught in the middle of the affairs and paying the taxes for jobs they're going to lose in a time of recession, and the downtrodden "invited" Asian Immigrants of the Second Vietnamese War who were brought to Japan as a half-hearted humanitarian act from the government who was really just seeking cheap labor. And just who is the man called "Gohda", a mysterious new 'supervisor' (don't worry, Aramaki still runs the group) who appears to be calling the shots for Section 9 during certain missions? He calls out orders as if he was in charge of the group, yet has no apparent loyalty or respect to the government, military or Section 9.

Episode 5 "IN: Those Who Have the Motive – INDUCTANCE"
Prime Minister Kayabuki has formally renounced the Refugee Special Action Policy; a move that has drawn much criticism from refugees all over Japan. While on a tour of Dejima Island, a major center for the refugee population, the Prime Minister receives an assassination threat, and Aramaki is summoned to Fukuoka to offer his insight. The cabinet wants Section 9 to protect the Prime Minister, a role the team reluctantly agrees to. Meanwhile, Ishikawa and Togusa uncover interesting information on the ideology of the Individual Eleven terrorist group. It seems the organization has ties to the May 15 Incident, in which a group of army officers assassinated a former Prime Minister and then gained support from the general population for their undying conviction in their beliefs. Elsewhere, the Prime Minister arrives at a Buddhist Temple to meditate, but is unexpectedly confronted by an assassin. Thanks to a swift response from Kusanagi and Batou, the PM is spared from certain death but in the ensuing chaos the assassin manages to elude Section 9.

Episode 6 "DI: Latent Heat Source – EXCAVATION"
The prime suspect behind an attempt to blackmail the Ministry of Energy has turned up dead in Niihama City, ostensibly the victim of a tragic accident; however a more thorough examination of the body turns up evidence of homicide. Togusa follows up on the death of the suspect, and obtains "photographic evidence" which the man had intended to use against the Ministry of Energy; however the film the pictures were taken with has been exposed to light, and subsequently turned completely black. With most members of Section 9 still assigned to guarding the Prime Minister, Togusa is assigned a Tachikoma and sent to the Shinjuku Refugee District of New Tokyo to investigate the photo lead. After an accidental encounter with the dead man's fiancée the two of them decide to investigate the death together. They learn that the man, named Kontan Kanji, had accepted a mysterious job in exchange for the promise of a new cyber body, and had been put to work descaling the walls of a subterranean structure in the Uchikon 7 district, which was submerged in the last war. Although the Ground Self Defense Army is now guarding the primary entrance to the site, Togusa and Kanji's fiancée managed to enter into the facility through another unguarded entrance with the help of Kontan's co-worker. After descending into the heart of the building, Togusa discovers that the building is actually an old nuclear power plant and the "photographic evidence" was not a photo but a radiation badge. Someone has authorized the excavation of this pre-war relic, but their identity remains unknown. They flee the scene and manage to contact Section 9, where a formal investigation into the facility is started. However, when he tries to contact her later, Togusa discovers that Kanji's fiancée has disappeared.

Episode 7 "DU: The Rhapsodic Melody of a Bygone Nation – 23994Pu"
The Prime Minister summons Aramaki after plans to ship plutonium from the Uchikon 7 district of the Shinjuku Refugee District are leaked to refugee terrorists. Despite a Coast Guard raid that managed to halt a weapons sale to the terrorists, there are lingering worries that they may still attempt to capture the plutonium. To counter this, Section 9 is covertly assigned the mission of escorting the material out of the refugee district. Commanding the operation is Kazundo Goda, who accompanies Section 9 to oversee the transfer. He and the team are inserted into the refugee district by paradrop, and arrive at GSDA checkpoint, where they are redressed in clothes befitting refugees and tasked with guarding a beat up SUV and shuttle bus commandeered by other members of Section 9 for the purpose of moving the plutonium. Meanwhile, Goda discusses the mission with the commanding officer of the GSDA unit, who assigns three men to help Section 9 with their transport of the plutonium. The team departs from the camp and proceeds to head out of the refugee district via the beltway and interstate. Along the way the team encounters several of the refugees who live in poverty within Shinjuku. During the trip out of the refugee district, the team encounters a roll over accident involving a garbage truck, prompting Section 9 members to dismount from their vehicles to investigate further. During a conversation with the refugees near the truck, a GSDA member mistakes a bent pipe in the hands of one refugee for a pistol, and the ensuing shootout results in the needless death of several refugees and ill feelings among the group. These feelings are further increased when, after arriving at the intended destination, the team discovers that they were used as a decoy, and that the plutonium Section 9 believed they were guarding was in fact shipped by sea.

Episode 8 "DI: Vegetarian Dinner – FAKE FOOD"
Tired of manipulation by Goda, Aramaki decides to take the initiative to conduct his own investigation on the Individual Eleven case while simultaneously looking into the Cabinet Intelligence Agency. Section 9 is split into two teams, one focused on digging up additional info on the two aforementioned cases, and the other tasked with locating an ex-GSDA officer identified as a person of interest in a series of shootings at a local TV station. While on a stakeout of a Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant, Batou and Togusa find out that Section 1 has been fed false information about the same ex-GSDA soldier, and have set out to kill him on the assumption that the man is a world renowned terrorist. Batou and Togusa arrive too late to save the man, and both sides determine that someone behind the scenes is feeding disinformation to both Section 9 and Section 1.

Comments: Manga Video, Bandai Entertainment;UPC669198252082;Vol. 2 - Episodes 5-8;;

Loaned: No

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