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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG Vol. 03 (2002)  link to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG Vol. 03 on IMDb

Number: 130

cover Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG Vol. 03

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Also known as:: "Kôkaku kidôtai: Stand Alone Complex" (original title)

Country: Japan, 100 minutes

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese

Genre(s): Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Crime, Animation

Director: Kenji Kamiyama

Cast: Dino Andrade, Kevin Brief, Loy Edge, Barbara Goodson, Michael Gregory

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline: The second season of Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex begins with Section 9 being called back to work after a hostage situation of concern to the Ruling Party renders the Police useless. The entire team returns to the front lines: Kusanagi, Batoh, Togusa, Ishikawa, Saito, Paz & Borma, with four of the original Tachikomas restored after the firefight of Episode 26. The hostage situation announced the rising of a new terrorist cell, which takes much after another one in the headlines of today's papers. The Individual Eleven, whose members are neither individuals, or total up to eleven are a new threat to Public Security. How does a specialized public security group face an enemy more faceless than the "laughing man" during a time of political unrest? Among the broad changes from the first show involve the new ruling party, headed by the new Prime Minister Kabayuki after the prior ousting in GITS: SAC, the Japanese Residents caught in the middle of the affairs and paying the taxes for jobs they're going to lose in a time of recession, and the downtrodden "invited" Asian Immigrants of the Second Vietnamese War who were brought to Japan as a half-hearted humanitarian act from the government who was really just seeking cheap labor. And just who is the man called "Gohda", a mysterious new 'supervisor' (don't worry, Aramaki still runs the group) who appears to be calling the shots for Section 9 during certain missions? He calls out orders as if he was in charge of the group, yet has no apparent loyalty or respect to the government, military or Section 9.

Episode 9 "DU: The Hope Named Despair – AMBIVALENCE"
After the failed attempt to bring the ex-GSDA officer in for questioning, Major Kusanagi decides to go directly into the Cabinet Intelligence Agency database to directly determine what Goda is up to. With the help of Tachikomas, who mount an assault on the building's defense barriers, The Major hacks into the Cabinet Intelligence Agency Server Decatoncale to uncover Goda's motives. During her question and answer session with Goda, she learns that he once had ambitions to be counted among the powerful, but has since resigned himself to never having that position. He aims to create a new hero for the masses, someone whom they can identify with beyond simply knowing that person's face or name. Goda expects this person to take command of the situation he is currently creating and bring about some type of conflict which he believes will benefit Japan in the long run by returning the country to its former glory. Elsewhere, Batou, Borma, and Togusa are out to stop a suicide bomber, but so far have only been playing catchup, until Batou plays a hunch and has the Chief check out the local surveillance systems for the people thought to be the bombers. His hunch pays off, as the images of the bombers reveal them all to be refugees, prompting the chief to issue warnings to all police districts in the city to watch for refugees acting suspiciously. One such refugee turns up: a girl claiming to have a bomb at a subway station. Batou and Togusa arrive to find the girl surrounded by SAT officers. She is almost convinced to surrender by Togusa, until Batou arrives and forcefully subdues her. It is revealed that the bomb is in her stomach, linked to a trigger inside an artificial tooth, and the girl is taken to a medical center to have the bomb surgically removed.

Episode 10 "DI: One Angry Man – TRIAL"
On his way home from work, Togusa becomes involved in a domestic dispute between a woman and her boyfriend when the lady suddenly trips in front of Togusa's car and screams for help. Trying to protect the woman, Togusa fires several rounds into the man's prosthetic limbs in an effort to disable him; despite this, Togusa fails to prevent the young lady's death. Since Togusa carried out the shooting while off-duty, a preliminary hearing is convened to ascertain the facts in the case. The suspect's parents hire a well-known lawyer to defend their son, and the man wastes no time attempting to make Togusa look bad, first by criticizing his choice of handgun and then by claiming that Togusa acted out of a subconscious hatred for cyborgs, and claims that the defendant suffered from defective prosthetic parts. When Section 9 sets out to clear his name they stumble across some interesting information about the suspect's lawyer, which Kusanagi reveals in court. The unexpected disclosure of compromising evidence against the defense prompts the lawyer to drop his charges against Togusa, while the state formally brings murder charges against the suspect. However, the lawyer and his client are later severely injured in a car accident, implied to have been set up by Section 9 in retaliation for Togusa's public humiliation.

Episode 11 "IN: Kusanagi's Labyrinth – AFFECTION"
Batou and Togusa test eight potential new recruits for Section 9. Each man is paired off to create four different teams, and each team is tasked with tracking the Major. However, the Major proves to be a difficult target to track, and eventually she loses all four teams attempting to track her. Shortly after losing the last team, Kusanagi unexpectedly loses all communication and finds herself lost in a seemingly empty part of the city. While trying to locate her team, she happens across a shop that stores people's external memories, and learns of the story of two child cyberbodies carefully preserved in the shop. The bodies once belong to a boy and girl who were involved in a terrible plane crash, and eventually the two children became the only survivors of the wreck. While the boy was in the hospital he learned that he was paralyzed, except for his left hand, which he used to make origami cranes non-stop for the girl. One day, the girl, who had been in a coma since arriving in the hospital, unexpectedly went downhill fast, and was moved to the OR. The boy believed that she had died, but two years later she was brought to the hospital alive and well in an effort to convince the boy to switch to a full cyborg body, after previous attempts by a relative and doctor had failed. The boy was reluctant to do so at first because the girl had difficulty with the fine movement skills of her new body, but he eventually relented and went full-cyborg. Years later the boy, who had been searching for the girl since he left the hospital, happened across her child issue cyborg body in a lab and took upon himself to preserve it. When Kusanagi inquires as to the current whereabouts of the boy, she learns that he was shipped out in the last days of the war, and has not been heard from since. Before Kusanagi leaves, she carefully folds a candy wrapper into an origami crane and places it in the car beside the boy, saying "I'll bet that even now...that girl is still searching for the first boy she ever loved."

Episode 12 "IN: To Those Without Even a Name... – SELECON"
The Tachikomas locate a stealth gate accessible only through the European satellite system; after passing through the gate, Borma recovers a suspicious file believed to be the virus that infected the Individual Eleven. Ishikawa and Borma attempt to figure out how the virus in the file affects its victims by using the external memories of an infected Individual Eleven member. They succeed in learning that the virus is activated by reading all of Patrick Sylvester's previous essays in addition to The Individual Eleven, but the price for this success is high: Borma is seemingly rendered comatose by the virus. Meanwhile, Togusa is sent to search for a written copy of "Individual Eleven", the political essay bearing the same name as the terrorist group, but at every place he can think of to check, no one seems to be able produce an actual written copy of The Individual Eleven. When Togusa decides to make one last stop he unexpectedly finds himself confronting a suicidal man who has become infected with the virus, and learns from him that there never was a written essay by that name. Elsewhere, Kusanagi, Batou and Saito have been dispatched to Kagoshima after the man behind the attempt on the prime minister's life unexpectedly turns up on an IR system near the city. The man, named Hideo Kuze, has gone there to rendezvous with the other leaders of the Individual Eleven. Section 9 intends to arrest Kuze at the Kagoshima war memorial, but Kuze and the other assembled members of the Individual Eleven leave before Section 9 arrives. As Kuze and the Individual Eleven drive to Kyūshū they share the stories of their crimes to pass the time, until they reach the Kyūshū Radio Tower. Upon reaching the roof of the tower, the group commits mass suicide by mutual decapitation with katanas on live television. Kuze, however, fights off his partner and escapes.

Comments: Manga Video, Bandai Entertainment;UPC669198252099;Vol. 3 - Episodes 9-12;;

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