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Steamboy - DIRECTOR'S CUT (2004)  link to Steamboy on IMDb

Number: 152

cover Steamboy

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Also known as:: Suchîmubôi (original title)

Country: Japan, 126 minutes

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese

Genre(s): Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Animation, Family

Director: Katsuhiro Ohtomo

Cast: Anne Suzuki, Masane Tsukayama, Katsuo Nakamura, Manami Konishi, Kiyoshi Kodama

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline:
Rei is a young inventor living in the U.K. in the middle of the 19th century. Shortly before the first ever World Expo, a marvelous invention called the "Steam Ball", behind which a menacing power is hidden, arrives at his door from his grandfather Roid in the U.S. Meanwhile the nefarious Ohara Foundation has sent men to acquire theSteam Ball so that they can use its power towards their own illicit ends.

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Loaned: No

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