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Serial Experiments: Lain Vol 3 - Deus (1998)  link to Serial Experiments: Lain Vol 3 - Deus on IMDb

Number: 22

cover Serial Experiments: Lain Vol 3 - Deus

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Country: Japan, 24 minutes

Spoken Languages: Japanese

Genre(s): Thriller, Sci-Fi, Animation, Mystery

Director: Ryutaro Nakamura

Cast: Bridget Hoffman

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline:
I am God in the wired... I created you, lain. There are rumors that lain is stealing people's secrets and spreading them in the wired. Her friends, including Arisu, start to leave lain. Lain finds that her "other" self in the Wired is the one revealing these secrets. "Which is the real me!?" Even her parents leave lain, telling her that they were not her real parents. Lonely lain then encounters Masami Eiri, who calls himself "God" in the wired...

Episode 08 "Rumors"
Lain is investigating the Wired ever deeper. A rumor is spread about Alice having sexual fantasies about a male teacher, and a second one says that Lain has spread the first. To cope with the distress of rejection, Lain acts directly on reality for the first time, and duplicates of herself start appearing more frequently.

Episode 09 "Protocol"
Throughout the episode, background information is being shown from "archives" about the Roswell incident, MJ-12, Vannevar Bush, MEMEX, Xanadu, John C. Lilly, the Schumann resonance, and Eiri Masami. During that time, Lain gets a microchip from JJ, the DJ from the Cyberia nightclub. She then asks Taro on a "date", to ask him about it. After being scared to death, he admits it is code made to disrupt human memory, made by Knights. He takes their defense, but admits not knowing much about them.

Episode 10 "Love"
Eiri Masami introduces himself as God, explaining that he is such because of his believers, the Knights. Knowing this, Lain deals with the Knights once and for all by leaking a list of all of its members onto the Wired, leaving a trail of murder (by the Men in Black) and suicide in its wake.

Comments: Pioneer;UPC013023022799;Vol 3 - Deus (Layers 8-10);;

Loaned: No

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