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Robotech - The Macross Saga - Legacy Collection 1 (1985)  

Number: 264

cover Robotech - The Macross Saga - Legacy Collection 1

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Country: Japan, 375 minutes

Spoken Languages:

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Animation

Director: Noboru Ishiguro

Cast: Jean-Claude Ballard, Cam Clarke, Rebecca Forstadt, Tony Oliver, Gregory Snegoff

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline:
The Robotech Legacy: Macross Saga Collection 1, contains episodes 1 through 12 of the legendary anime series from the mid 1980s. The first two discs contain six episodes each. The third disc contains all the 'Exclusive DVD features' and is only available if you purchase this boxed set.

For the uninitiated, Robotech was the most popular of the Americanized Japanese anime series to hit American TV waves during the 1970s and 1980s (along with Star Blazers, Voltron, Transor Z, etc.) Known for its cutting edge animation, thrilling battle scenes, futuristic techonology (planes, tanks, motorcyles that transform into robots), cool alien invaders, and realistic and compelling storylines, Robotech swept an entire generation and helped put Japanese Anime forever on the map of American pop culture.

Robotech's sweeping saga spanned three seasons and weaved together three actual separate storylines based on Japanese anime: Season 1 - The Macross Saga, Season 2 - The Robotech Masters (The Southern Cross in Japan), and Season 3 - The New Generation (Mospeada in Japan). The basic story premise is that the earth became forever changed when a mysterious alien battleship crashed on earth. The people of the world, now knowing that they are not alone in the universe, end all wars and unite to understand and assimilate the advanced technology and prepare for the inevitable alien invasion that is sure to come. As the story unfolds mankind would go on to battle three separate alien races over the next three seasons. The sweeping intergalactic war saga itself though, merely becomes the backdrop of a deeper human saga.

This Boxed Set contains 3 DVDs. Here's a listing of what you'll find on these discs.

Disc 1 - First Contact, episodes 1 - 6.

1. Booby Trap: While visiting his friend, Rick Hunter becomes an unwilling fighter pilot in the midst of an alien invasion!!!

2. Countdown: As Rick struggles to figure out his strange airplane, the SD-F1 struggles to lift off!!!

3. Space Fold: The SD-F1 warps in order to outflank the alien invaders, unknowingly taking Macross Island with it.

4. The Long Wait: Rick and Minmei are stuck deep within the depths of the SD-F1.

5. Transformation: In order to survive a Zentraedi attack, the SD-F1 must transform, at the potential cost of 70,000 refugee lives!!!

6. Blitzkrieg: Rick enlists!!!

Disc 2 - Transformation, contains episodes 7 - 12.

1. Bye, Bye Mars: Lisa Hayes journeys to Mars hoping to find her long lost fiancé.

2. Sweet Sixteen: It's Minmei's birthday and Rick just got promoted and assigned two pilots under him!!!

3. Miss Macross: Minmei enters the Miss Macross beauty pageant while Rick dogfights it out with a Zentraedi recon ship.

4. Blind Game: Vermillion Group is captured by the Zentraedi!!!

5. First Contact: While interrogating Vermillion Group the Zentraedi finally reveal WHY they are so interested in the SD-F1. What is protoculture?

6. The Big Escape: Vermillion Group makes a break for it!!!

Disc 3 - Extra 1: Elements of Robotechnology This is the Special DVD features disc that contains all the DVD extras. It is only purchasable if you get the Boxed Set. On this disc you'll find the following:

1. Codename Robotech: This is an hour long prelude to the Macross Saga which was limitedly released to certain markets prior to the initial airing of Macross Saga in the mid-80s as an 'introduction' to the series. It contains a summary of the first 13 episodes of the Macross Saga told as a 'flashback' by Captain Gloval.

2. Audio Commentary by Carl Macek: Macek was the producer of the Robotech series. Macek does a voiceover commentary over the Codename Robotech feature. It is an invaluable commentary that reveals the series origins, WHY it was produced, HOW the series was produced, etc. It provides a valuable insight into the cartoon industry, both in the US and Japan.

3. Character Sketches for all the characters of the Macross Saga. Pretty cool stuff!!

4. Clips of Robotech in foreign languages. This is an awesome and cool feature. Robotech was released worldwide and here is a small sampling of how other countries and cultures caught all the action. For our viewing pleasure we can watch the famous clip of Rick and Minmei trapped in the SD-F1 in the following languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian!!!

Comments: ADV Films;UPC702727007521;Episodes 1-12;Legacy Collection;

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