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Robotech - The Macross Saga - Legacy Collection 2 (1985)  

Number: 265

cover Robotech - The Macross Saga - Legacy Collection 2

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Country: Japan, 325 minutes

Spoken Languages:

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Animation

Director: Noboru Ishiguro

Cast: Jean-Claude Ballard, Cam Clarke, Rebecca Forstadt, Tony Oliver, Gregory Snegoff

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline:
The Robotech Legacy: Macross Saga Collection 2, a three disc collection, contains episodes 13 through 24 of the legendary anime series from the mid 1980s. The first two discs contain six episodes each. The third disc contains all the "Exclusive DVD features" and is only available if you purchase this boxed set. Robotech was the most popular of the Americanized Japanese anime series to hit American TV waves during the 1970s and 1980s. Known for its cutting edge animation, thrilling battle scenes, futuristic weapons (planes, tanks, motorcyles that transform into robots), cool alien invaders, and realistic and compelling storylines, Robotech swept an entire generation and helped put Japanese Anime forever on the map of American pop culture.

Set in the 21st century, Robotech's sweeping saga spanned three seasons. The basic story premise is that the earth became forever changed after a mysterious alien battleship crashed on earth. The people of the world, now knowing that they are not alone in the universe, end all wars and unite to understand and assimilate the advanced technology and prepare for the inevitable alien invasion that is sure to come. As the story unfolds mankind would go on to battle three separate alien races over the next three seasons. The sweeping intergalactic saga itself though, merely becomes the backdrop of a deeper "human" saga. This volume chronicles the "meat" of the adventures from the first season - The Macross Saga. In this volume the story is off at full steam with TONS of INTENSE ACTION and intense loss as the enemy attacks relentlessly. Also at full speed is the equally intense soap opera love triangle between Rick, Lisa, Minmei and Kyle. Here's a listing of what you'll find on these discs.

Disc 1 - Homecoming, episodes 13 -18.

Episode 13 - Bluewind: It's a race against time as the Zentraedi renegade Khyron renews his attack. Can they make it back to earth before Khyron destroys them? Plus, the Zentraedi infiltrators begin their study of "Micronian" culture.

Episode 14 - Gloval's Report: Recap of the events till date as Gloval files his report to the Earth Government recounting the events of the past year.

Episode 15 - Homecoming: Gloval and Lisa report to the Earth government calling for peace negotiations. Plus, introducing Minmei's cousin, Lynn Kyle.

Episode 16 - Battle Cry: Rick is critically wounded!!!

Episode 17 - Phantasm: As his body struggles for life, Rick's mind struggles over his feelings for the two women in his life, Lynn Minmei and Lisa Hayes.

Episode 18 - Farewell, Big Brother: Rick recovers in the hospital. Lisa struggles with her feelings over Rick. Ace Zentraedi pilot Miriya meets her match in Max Sterling. Plus, tragedy befalls as one of our greatest champions goes down.

Disc 2 - Battle Front, episodes 19 - 24.

Episode 19 - Bursting Point: Another cataclysmic battle with the Zentraedi. The plan to unload the civilian refugees goes awry as for the second episode in a row, tragedy strikes again...

Episdoe 20 - Paradise Lost: The spies return home sharing and reflecting on their life changing "Micronian" experience. Also, BANISHED - the SD-F1 without a home!!!

Episode 21 - A New Dawn: Rick and Lisa bond while trapped in a section of the SD-F1 during an attack. Plus, Minmei and Kyle make their big screen debut (with EVERYONE tuned in)!!!

Episode 22 - Battle Hymn: Macross City invaded!!! Plus, Minmei's music FOREVER changes the Zentraedi empire...

Episode 23 - Reckless: Desertion in the Zentraedi ranks!!! Plus, more fighting and more soap opera escapades with our four star-crossed lovers...

Episode 24 - Showdown: Lisa returns to Earth to lobby for peace. Miriya gets her rematch with Max, at the arcade!!!

Disc 3 - Extra 2: Elements of Robotechnology This is the "Special DVD features" disc that contains all the DVD extras. It is only purchasable with the Boxed Set. On this disc you'll find the following:

1. Robotech Galaxy of Stars: 90 second promotional video highlighting a fan fest where the toyline debuted.

2. 11 original Robotech toy commercials (with LAME jingles and dialogue....)

3. Comic Book Cover Gallery: 36 comic book covers from Comico's adaptation of the 36 episodes of the Macross Saga. Cool stuff!!!

4. Animation Production Sheets: Drawings of the mecha. COOL stuff!!!

5. Character Bios for theMacross Saga. Very informative. Great background info.

6. Point of View with Carl Macek: Fifteen minute interview with Robotech producer Carl Macek done on a talk show back in the 80s. A Must Listen!!!

7. More International Clips. Listen to both the scene where the SD-F1 "bridge babes" metup with the Zentraedi spies and where Roy Fokker passed away in either French, Portuguese, Spanish or Italian. VERY cool stuff!!! I am personally very happy that ADV and Harmony Gold have finally released this series on DVD. This is BY FAR one of THE BEST cartoon/anime series from the 80s or the best ever PERIOD!!! If you've never seen Robotech, simply put YOU MUST. The action and the drama are compelling, clearly showing why Robotech became a pop culture hit. It is the series that forever put Japanese anime on the map in the US. If you did grow up with Robotech, give these a watch again. They're great for a trip down memory lane. I can honestly say that they are better than I remember. You can't lose!!! Give this (and all other current and future releases) a watch. You won't be disappointed. If you are planning on purchasing, pick up the Boxed Set. It's the only way you'll get the Elements of Robotechnology Disc. Alone, the individual volumes DO NOT come with DVD extras. For the cost, it's still a great bargain for all the action and extras.

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