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Robotech - Masters - Legacy Collection 4 (1985)  

Number: 267

cover Robotech - Masters - Legacy Collection 4

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Country: Japan, 315 minutes

Spoken Languages:

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Animation

Director: Noboru Ishiguro

Cast: Jean-Claude Ballard, Cam Clarke, Rebecca Forstadt, Tony Oliver, Gregory Snegoff

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline:
The Robotech Masters Legacy: Collection 4, a three disc collection, contains episodes 37 through 48 (and the first half of the second story arc, The Robotech Masters) of the legendary anime series Robotech from the mid 1980s. Also included in this boxed set is the fourth installment of the Elements of Robotechnology, special features DVD which includes the opening and closing sequences of the original Japanese series Robotech was based on.

For the uninitiated, Robotech was the most popular of the Americanized Japanese anime series to hit American TV waves during the 1970s and 1980s. Set in the 21st Century, it was known for its cutting edge animation, high-tech battle scenes, futuristic weapons (planes, tanks, motorcyles that transform into robots), cool alien invaders, and realistic and compelling storylines. Robotech swept an entire generation and helped put Japanese Anime forever on the map of American pop culture.

Set 15 years after the events in the Macross Saga, The Robotech Masters story picks up with a new generation of Robotech defenders (in this case the heavily armored Armies of the Southern Cross) protecting the Earth as a new wave of Alien invaders, the Robotech Masters, descend upon the earth looking to reclaim the missing Protoculture factory hidden aboard the now derelict SD-F1. This story arc is the focal point of the entire Robotech series as the key plotlines and threads (the secrets of the mysterious Protoculture) that bind together the three story arcs are revealed and woven together here.

Here's the rundown of the episodes and content featured on each disc:

Disc 1: A New Threat

Episode 37 - Dana's Story: Dana relates to Bowie the story of how her parents, Max and Miriya, met and fell in love. Plus, the Robotech Masters attack Moon Base Luna.

Episode 38 - False Start: Dana and the 15th Squadron get into more mischief while out practicing maneuvers. Also, the Robotech Masters arrive in Earth's airspace.

Episode 39 - Southern Cross: It's all-out war as the Robotech Masters' Bioroid Army annihilates the main base, and only Dana and the 15th can stop them.

Episode 40 - Volunteers: Dana and Crystal lead a team on a dangerous shuttle mission to re-establish contact with Space Station Liberty, going directly up against the Robotech Masters ship. Plus, the menacing Red Bioroid.

Episode 41 - Half Moon: Bowie is captured by the Bioroids. Against orders Dana mobilizes the 15th to rescue him and comes face-to-face again with the mysterious Red Bioroid.

Episode 42 - Danger Zone: It's once again all-out war. The Earth Government wants Zor's ship destroyed at all costs; and they pay a high cost indeed!!! Plus, are these aliens human?

Disc 2: Revelations

Episode 43 - Prelude to Battle: The Earth forces plot their next move, infiltrating the downed Robotech Masters ship. Plus, Bowie's musical career lands him in trouble.

Episode 44 - The Trap: The 15th infiltrate and explore the downed Robotech Masters ship, confronting mysterious clones and falling right into the Robotech Masters' trap. Plus, Bowie meets a mysterious alien female musician.

Episode 45 - Metal Fire: More info about the Robotech Masters and the alien female musician, Musica, are revealed. The Earth forces make more discoveries through Bioroid research.

Episode 46 - Star Dust: The Robotech Masters mind probe their human captives and decide their next plan of action - sending an infiltrator in. Dana meets a charming singer with a plan to destroy the Robotech Masters ship.

Episode 47 - The Outsiders: A reinforcement unit from the SD-F3 arrives to help against the Robotech Masters. Meanwhile, Zor Prime is unleashed by the Masters and captured (and studied) by the Earth Forces.

Episode 48 - Déjà vu: Dana seeks answers about her strange fascination with Zor Prime (the Red Bioroid pilot), going to desperate lengths to find answers. Plus, Bowie's heartache and Sean visits Marie.

Disc 3: Elements of Robotechnology 4

Though a little "sparser" in terms of run-length than the other 3 earlier installments, this edition contains some cool gems in it, particularly the opening and closing sequences of the original Japanese anime series. Here are the contents:

1. Opening and closing sequences of the original Japanese anime series, Macross, Southern Cross and Genesis Climber: Mospeada, from which Robotech was made from. You can see where the images were edited together from the original series to form the Robotech opening and closing sequences, not to mention hearing the pretty cool Japanese theme songs. GREAT BONUS.

2. Animation model sheets for the characters and mecha of the Robotech Masters series. Cool stuff

3. Comic cover gallery for the 24 comic issues adapting the 24 episode Robotech Masters saga. Cool stuff

4. More International Robotech clips (in French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese) for 2 clips (Dana moving out the 15th for maneuvers and the 15th having there run-in with Crystal's squad). Neat stuff.

Though this particular arc of the Robotech saga is pointed to by many as the "low-point" of the series (and I felt the same way too as a kid), I must say that it's definitely A LOT better than I remember it being. The action still kicks butt even 15 years later.

If you've never seen Robotech, simply put YOU MUST. The action and the drama are compelling, clearly showing why Robotech became a pop culture icon. It is the series that forever put Japanese anime on the map in the US. If you did grow up with Robotech, give these a watch again. They're great for a trip down memory lane. You can't lose!!!

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