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Robotech - New Generation - Legacy Collection 6 (1985)  

Number: 269

cover Robotech - New Generation - Legacy Collection 6

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Country: Japan, 405 minutes

Spoken Languages:

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Animation

Director: Noboru Ishiguro

Cast: Jean-Claude Ballard, Cam Clarke, Rebecca Forstadt, Tony Oliver, Gregory Snegoff

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline:
The Robotech Legacy Collection 6: The New Generation, a three disc collection, contains episodes 61 through 73 (the first half of the ULTRA-INTENSE third story arc, The New Generation) of the legendary anime series Robotech from the mid 1980s. Also included is the sixth installment of the Elements of Robotechnology special features DVD which includes a TV pilot, animation galleries and more video clips.

Robotech was the most popular of the Americanized Japanese anime series to hit American TV in the 1970s and 1980s. Known for its cutting edge animation, high-tech battle scenes, futuristic weapons (planes, tanks, motorcyles that transform into robots), cool alien invaders, and realistic and compelling storylines, Robotech swept an entire generation and put Japanese Anime forever on the map of American pop culture.


Several years after the events of the Robotech Masters saga, the earth is conquered by a deadly alien race called the Invid. Out of the ashes rises a resistance movement of Robotech freedom fighters committed to reclaiming earth and vanquishing the Invid conquerors...

This collection marks the beginning of the New Generation story arc and chronicles Scott Bernard's freedom fighters' deadly journey across the world in search of the Invid's Reflex Point as they battle not only the merciless Invid, but also the perils of a lawless Earth full of cutthroat humans looking to survive at ANY cost....


Here's the rundown of the episodes and content on each disc:

Disc 1: Next Wave

Episode 61 - Invid Invasion: The lone survivor of a REF contingent sent to reclaim Earth from the Invid invaders, Scott Bernard sets out on his lone quest to destroy Reflex Point and the Invid. Along the way he meets another young fighter named Rand.

Episode 62 - Lost City: Scott and Rand travel to a strange town that does not seem to want them around. Plus, they meet two new allies, a young girl named Annie and a mysterious Red Cyclone warrioress. Episode 63 - Lonely Soldier Boy: Scott, Rand and Annie come across a lawless town overrun by bullies and set out to bring back a little justice. In the process they make new allies with Rook - the Red Cyclone Warrioress, Lancer - the singer, and Lunk - a former solider.

Episode 64 - Survival: Constantly hunted and hounded by Invid patrols seeking to exterminate them, can the gang evade the Invid while maintaining their dwindling supply of Protoculture that powers their weapons?

Episode 65 - Curtain Call: The Great Protoculture Heist!!! The gang, using a Yellow Dancer concert as a cover, pulls off a daring Protoculture Heist from an Invid fortress.

Episode 66 - Hard Times: A look into Rook Bartley's past as the gang makes their way through her hometown. Episode 67 - Paper Hero: A look into Lunk's past as the gang takes a side mission to help Lunk fulfill the last request of a dead friend. All is not as it seems though in this mysterious villa...

Disc 2: Counter Strike

Episode 68 - Eulogy: The gang arrives in a strange town full of VERY happy-go-lucky soldiers. Here Scott meets up with one of his idols, Colonel Jonathan Wolfe, a hero of the Robotech Wars. Like elsewhere though, not all is as it seems here...

Episode 69 - The Genesis Pit: Scott, Rand and Annie stumble into an underground cavern full of prehistoric creatures, revealing the Invid's diabolical plans for genetic evolution!!!

Episode 70 - Enter Marlene: While searching through the ruins of an REF base, the gang finds and salvages more weapons and gain a new member, the mysterious amnesiac girl whom they dub "Marlene."

Episode 71 - The Secret Route: A look into Lancer's past as the gang meets up with a woman from his past while battling a crooked politician in a town they pass through on their trek to Reflex Point.

Episode 72 - The Fortress: To get to Reflex Point the gang must first get past a near invulnerable Invid mountain fortress. Can they do it?

Episode 73 - Sandstorms: After falling into a pit of the Invid's Flower of Life, Rand slips into a hallucinatory dream world where he learns more about the Invid's diabolical intentions.

Disc 3: Elements of Robotechnology 6

This collection contains one of the better installments in the "Elements of Robotechnology" series. Here's a rundown:

1. Genesis Climber Mospeada English translation pilot: Attempts were made by Harmony Gold to launch each of the three series that made Robotech (Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeada) separately in the U.S. before the producers stitched all three together into Robotech. This is the pilot for Mospeada. Interesting to see how it played out originally, not bad

2. Toy line Presentation Video: Half hour demonstration/presentation video introducing the boy's toy line (characters and mecha) and a 12 minute demonstration/presentation of the girl's toy line (characters, costumes, etc).

3. Character and Mecha Gallery for the New Generation

4. Promotional Video for the Toyline: 10 minute promotional video introducing the Robotech toyline.

5. Comic Book Cover Gallery: 25 comic book covers for the 25 comic book adaptations of the New Generation's 25 episodes.

6. International Clips: Two scenes of Robotech in French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Clip 1: Scott's first meeting with Rand, Clip 2: Lunk and Lancer joining up with the gang.

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