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Robotech - Protoculture Collection (1985)  

Number: 517

cover Robotech - Protoculture Collection

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Country: Japan, 2125 minutes

Spoken Languages: English, Spanish

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Animation

Director: Robert V. Barron

Cast: Jean-Claude Ballard, Cam Clarke, Rebecca Forstadt, Tony Oliver, Gregory Snegoff

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline:
A massive alien battle cruiser crash lands on Earth in the midst of a bloody global war. With the possibility of a more perilous threat looming, the human race puts aside their differences and collectively undertakes the arduous task of rebuilding the spacecraft, redubbed the SDF-1, to defend the Earth should its extraterrestrial masters come to reclaim it. Eventually, the alien Zentraedi invade Earth to collect the SDF-1 and the technology it contains, forcing the inexperienced crew, including hotshot pilot Rick Hunter and his war hero mentor Roy Fokker, to launch the battle cruiser into war—a war that will cross generations, stretch across the farthest reaches of the universe and turn ordinary soldiers into extraordinary heroes.
Macross Saga: Episodes 1-36
The Masters: Episodes 27-60
New Generation: Episodes 61-85

The entire Robotech series, presented in English 5.1 with over 450 minutes of DVD extras.

Special Features

* Original series feature "Codename Robotech"
* Commentary by series developer Carl Macek
* "Robotech II: The Sentinels" feature (with commentary by Carl Macek)
* Original "Macross" pilot
* Unaired pilot for "Genesis Climber Mospeada"
* Harmony Gold promotional film "Galaxy of the Stars"
* 1986 interview with Carl Macek
* Original opening and closing credits animations to all three Japanese series
* Scenes cut from the original versions to all three Japanese series
* Galleries of comic book covers
* Toy commercials
* Merchandise gallery
* Art galleries
* Animation model sheets
* International clips
* Character bios
* Promos

Comments: ADV Films;UPC702727153129;Episodes 1-85;Protoculture Collection;

Loaned: No

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