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Body Transfer (2004)  

Number: 528

cover Body Transfer

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Country: Japan, 60 minutes

Spoken Languages: Japanese

Genre(s): Animation, Adult

Director: Yoshitaka Fujimoto

Cast: Carl Boulton, Barbara Western, Mari Post, Rebecca Black, Candice Marshall, Dorothy Mace, Jane Frum, Sheryl Sooner

Medium: Unknown

Subtitles: French

Plot Outline:
Kenichi and several of his friends stay after school to look at a new archaeological find, a bizarre looking mirror. Suddenly, the entire building is transported to an alternate dimension and a magic field surrounds it to prevent them from escaping. Also, their minds have switched to other people's bodies. The only way to switch bodies is when their sexual emotions are high. Kenichi must find a way to return everything back to normal until the dimension falls apart.

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Loaned: No

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