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Elfen Lied - Vector One (2004)  link to Elfen Lied - Vector One on IMDb

Number: 534

cover Elfen Lied - Vector One

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Also known as:: Erufen rîto

Country: Japan, 100 minutes

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese

Genre(s): Thriller, Horror, Drama, Sci-Fi, Animation, Romance

Director: Mamoru Kanbe

Cast: Sanae Kobayashi, Chihiro Suzuki, Mamiko Noto, Emiko Hagiwara, Yuki Matsuoka

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline:
Episode 01 "A Chance Encounter ~ Begegnung (lit. Meeting)"
One of the first diclonius, named "Lucy", escapes from an experimental laboratory off the coast of Kamakura, which is being used as a facility to hold diclonii and use them for experiments. After killing many guards, she is shot in the head and falls into the sea; her brain damage causes her to form an innocent, somewhat infantile split personality, "Nyu". Later, she is found by Kohta and Yuka, two cousins who are reunited after eight years to study at university, and is taken back home with them. After she breaks Kohta's seashell, his keepsake from his younger sister Kanae who died "of an illness" eight years earlier, she runs away because Kohta gets angry with her. She does not remember anything that she has done in her entire life.

Episode 02 "Annihilation ~ Vernichtung (lit. Destruction)"
The offshore facility, headed by the scientist Kurama, sends a special task force, headed by the ruthless, cold-hearted assassin Bando, to hunt down Lucy at a beach in Kamakura. However, they only encounter her in her innocent "Nyu" state. She is hit over the head by Bando. Bando then tells his partner to finish Nyu off, but the hit reverts Nyu back to Lucy, who kills Bando's partner, and goes after Bando. In the end, Bando has been dismembered and blinded. Lucy reverts to Nyu before she kills Bando. It is seen here that Lucy and Nyu switch between each other depending on the events surrounding them. After being shot by Bando, Kohta is put in the hospital, but is not severely injured, and is released hours later while Yuka goes looking for Lucy. He encounters her back at the house and forgives her.

Episode 03 "Deep Feelings ~ Im Innersten (lit. At heart)"
Yuka, who has been in love with Kohta since childhood, caught him in several awkward situations with Nyu (such as changing her clothes for her after the last episode because her other clothes are wet), causing her to become increasingly jealous of Kohta's concern for Nyu. Mayu, a 13 year old girl and her dog Wanta, who witnessed the incidents in episode 2, return an umbrella left by Kohta on the beach to him, where she is interrogated about the events. Meanwhile, Nana, codenamed "No. 7", another diclonius, is released from her confinement in order to track down Lucy and bring her back to the facility.

Episode 04 "Attack ~ Aufeinandertreffen (lit. Meet one another)"
Nana, using the telepathic powers of diclonii to find Lucy, fights her in a local cemetery, and Mayu encounters them in the middle of the battle. Before long, Nana has all her limbs ripped off, nearly dead. Kurama is ordered by his boss, Kakuzawa, to put Nana down, however Kurama does not kill her. Yuka discovers that Mayu is homeless and invites her to stay with them.

Comments: ADV Films;UPC702727110924;Episodes 1-4;With Art Box

Loaned: No

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