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Puppet Master - The DVD Collection (2989-2998)  

Number: 598

cover Puppet Master  - The DVD Collection

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Country: , 720 minutes

Spoken Languages:

Genre(s): Horror

Director: Multiple

Cast: Paul Le Mat, William Hickey, Irene Miracle, Elizabeth Maclellan, Collin Bernsen, Steve Welles, Guy Rolfe, Richard Lynch, Gordon Currie, Chandra West, Ash Adams, George Peck, Emily Harrison

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline:
8-Disc Boxset

Puppet Master 1 (1989) In the 1930s, a puppeteer summoned magical powers from ancient Egypt to bring his dolls to life. He then subsequently committed suicide. In the present, another suicide at the same Bodega Bay Hotel brings a group of psychics together to find and destroy the newly reanimated and murderous puppets.

Puppet Master 2 (1990) Sequel to 1989's "Puppet Master." The puppets are back to raise their long-gone master and another group of psychic researchers must battle the murderous dolls.

Puppet Master 3 (1991) Prequel to 1989's "The Puppet Master" and 1991's "Puppet Master 2." In World War II Germany, the Nazis try to extract puppet-animating secrets from Puppet Master Andre Toulon, who exacts his revenge with his murderous creations.

Puppet Master 4 (1993) The puppets take on the Totems, evil twins stealing their energy. With the help of a new puppet, "Decapitron," they may emerge victorious.

Puppet Master 5 (1994) The band of living puppets go up against a demonic pharaoh from another dimension who controls his own band of murderous puppets. Not in fact the final chapter, this was followed by CURSE OF THE PUPPET MASTER.

Curse of the Puppet Master (1998) Back for retribution, the living puppets of Andre Toulon are stirred to action, mounting a crusade to foil the diabolical plans of their new master. Can they stop the dastardly Dr. Magrew before he transforms another unwitting victim into the newest member of the puppet lineage?

Retro Puppet Master (1998) Andre Toulon runs an avant-garde puppet theatre in pre-World War I Paris and is in love with Ilsa, the lovely daughter of the Swiss ambassador. When Afzel, an Egyptian sorcerer who has stolen the "Secret of Life" from an ancient god, is murdered, he must contend with the servants of the god to retrieve Ilsa, who has been kidnapped. It's up to Andre and his puppets to save the woman he loves.

45 Title Trailer Reel

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