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The Classic Sci-fi Ultimate Collection - Volume 2 (1944 - 1960)  

Number: 674

cover The Classic Sci-fi Ultimate Collection - Volume 2

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Country: , 393 minutes

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Genre(s): Sci-Fi


Cast: Albert Dekker, Thomas Coley

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline:
Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with give captivating sci-fi films in The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection, Vol. 2! This fascinating collection will mesmerize you with supernatural tales from the golden age of Hollywood -- "Dr. Cyclops", "Cult of the Cobra", "The Land Unknown", "The Deadly Mantis" and "The Leech Woman". Loaded with innovative special effects, these shocking classics capture the fun and excitement of a time that will not soon be forgotten! Each film is presented in its original aspect ratio (either anamorphic widescreen or full frame, depending on the year it was released) and includes Dolby Digital sound.

Dr. Cyclops (1944)
Four explorers are summoned to Peru by the brilliant physicist Dr Thorkel. They discover a rich source of radium and a half-mad Thorkel who shrinks them down to one-fifth their normal size when they threaten to stop his unorthodox experimentation.(1 Hr. 18 Mins.)

Cult of the Cobra (1955)
American G.I.'s who trespass in on a forbidden Hindu ceremony are relentlessly hunted down by a beautiful woman who has the power to metamorphoses into a snake. (1 Hr. 20 Mins.)

The Land Unknown (1957)
On a naval expedition to Antarctica, three men and reporter Maggie Hathaway crash-land in a crater 1000 m below sea level. There, they encounter steamy tropical forest, dinosaurs, carnivorous plants, and human footprints, as Maggie's clothes become more and more abbreviated.(1 Hr. 19 Mins.)

The Deadly Mantis (1957)
The calving of an Arctic iceberg releases a giant praying mantis, trapped in suspended animation since prehistoric times. It first attacks military outposts to eat their occupants, then makes its way to the warmer latitudes of Washington and New York. A paleontologist works together with military units to try to kill it. (1 Hr. 19 Mins.)

The Leech Woman (1960)
When a very old African woman offers an ambitious endocrinologist the secret of eternal youth, he decides to take his estranged and no-longer-young-and-beautiful wife along with him on the safari. But then she finds out the true reason for their sudden reconciliation is so that she can serve as his guinea pig. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially one with a stolen pineal gland tapper. But once you try Nipe, there's no going back. (1 Hr. 17 Mins.)

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