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The Charles Dickens Collection - Volume 1 (1981 - 1998)  

Number: 735

cover The Charles Dickens Collection - Volume 1

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Country: UK, 1921 minutes

Spoken Languages:

Genre(s): Drama

Director: Gareth Davies

Cast: Paul McGann, Keeley Hawes, Steven Mackintosh, Anna Friel

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline: Charles Dickens Collection - 1
In these six acclaimed adaptations of his classics, we enter Dickens's vibrant Victorian London, encountering the outsized comic characters, social commentary, epic love stories, and dark murder mysteries that have made these stories so timeless

Oliver Twist (1985 TV Mini-Series)
In a storm, in a workhouse, to a nameless woman, young Oliver Twist is born into parish care where he's overworked and underfed. As he grows older his adventures take him from the countryside to London, through harsh treatment, kindness, an undertaker, and a thieves' dens, where he makes friends and enemies. But all the time he is pursued by the mysterious Monks, who hires Fagin to turn Oliver into a thief. Oliver is rescued by chance and kind friends. But it's a puzzle of legitimacy, inheritance, and identity that Oliver's friends must attempt to unravel before Monks can destroy Oliver. 352 Min.

Martin Chuzzlewit (1994 TV Mini-Series)
Martin Chuzzlewit is an old man with a large fortune and an even larger set of family and friends. A portrait of greed and selfishness, this magnificent adaptation of Dickens' comic masterpiece features an all-star cast. 344 Min

Bleak House (1985 TV Mini-Series)
The great case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce drags on, an obsession to all involved. Then a question of inheritance becomes a question of murder 418 Min

Hard Times (1994 TV Mini-Series)
Charles Dickens' bleak, passionate novel about the challenges of life in 19th-century London comes to life with an outstanding cast and brilliant cinematography. 104 Min

Great Expectations (1981)
Violence and Victorian gentility meet in this powerful adaptation of one of Dickens's greatest creations. While passing through the churchyard where his mother is buried, a young Pip encounters a desperate convict, Magwitch. Soon afterward he is summoned by the wealthy, eccentric recluse Miss Havisham to play with her beautiful but cruel ward Estella. With these two remarkable encounters begins Pip's epic journey from boy to man. When Pip comes of age, Miss Havisham's lawyer, Jaggers, informs him he has come into great wealth. But who exactly is the source of his mysterious new fortune? And perhaps it is not so easy -- or desirable -- to leave his humble past behind. 351 Min

Our Mutual Friend (1998 TV Mini-Series)
Intertwining tales of love, greed, and secret identities in Charles Dickens's 1860s London. 351 Min

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