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Silent Möbius (1998)  link to Silent Möbius on IMDb

Number: 95

cover Silent Möbius

IMDB Rating: star star star star star star star star star star

Country: Japan, 650 minutes

Spoken Languages: Japanese

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Animation

Director: Hideki Tonokatsu

Cast: Naoko Matsui

Medium: Original DVD

Plot Outline:
In 1999 Gigelf Liqueur, aided by the Magician's Guild, set into motion a plan to open a gate between Earth and the world of Nemesis. The intent was to exchange Earth's polluted air and water with clean air and water from Nemesis. To aid in this endeavor, a huge cyclotron was built under Tokyo. Unfortunately for all involved, Ganossa Maximilian - Gigelf's old apprentice - sabotaged the plan, opening the gate early and perverting the gate for his own means. Following this event, Gigelf and the Magician's Guild battled an invasion of Lucifer Hawk (the name for the inhabitants of Nemesis) for a number of years. Gigelf was killed in 2006 and it would seem that the rest of the Guild met similar fates over the next few years.

In 2023, Rally Cheyenne, daughter of Guild member Lufa Cheyenne and born mixed heritage (her father was from Nemesis), felt partially responsible for the growing attacks on innocent humans by marauding creatures from Nemesis. She started the organization with a mere three officers (Kiddy Phenil, Lebia Maverick and Nami Yamigumo) and a sub-commander (Mana Isozaki). Over the next few years, she added Yuki Saiko, Katsumi Liqueur and Lum Cheng to the team, aiding in the fight to protect Earth from the vicious Lucifer Hawk. Episode 01 "Awake"
Rally Cheyenne, chief of the "Attacked Mystification Police", had invited Katsumi Liqueur to Tōkyō in order to give her new information about the death of Katsumi's mother Fuyuka. But right before the landing, the airplane with Katsumi on board is attacked by a demon, a "Lucifer Hawk".

Episode 02 "Decide"
Katsumi is thinking about what Rally told her about the nature of the Lucifer Hawks; she still wants to be a normal woman, having nothing to do with all that supernatural stuff. While the AMP tries to hide Katsumi in a hotel, a Lucifer Hawk of Category 1 breaks their amulet seals and offers information to Katsumi about how her late father Gigelf, the most powerful mage of his time, is related to their existence in this world.

Episode 03 "Tokyo Underground"
Katsumi lacks police skills because of her office worker life. In order to give her a crash course of police work, the AMP requests the assistance of Mobile Police member Robert de Vice who just returned from arrest because of insubordination.

Episode 04 "Break-In"
During a battle against a Lucifer Hawk, Katsumi disobeys orders and attempts to defeat the enemy in a solo stunt, infuriating the other team members, most notably Kiddy Phenyl. Yuki Saiko, the AMPs "good spirit", goes out to settle things and manages to keep the AMP members' friendship alive and firm.

Episode 05 "Let's Have A Party"
Due to certain incidents and jurisdiction issues, AMP's reputation amongst the other police departments is far from being positive. Yuki Saiko decides that a party might help to relieve some tensions. Roy de Vice even receives his own personal invitation from Katsumi, but police inspector Ralph Bowmers remains more than skeptical.

Episode 06 "Megadyne"
Despite their previous animosities, Ralph Bowmers and Kiddy Phenyl have begun dating each other. But when Ralph tells Kiddy about his newest case, a Megadyne cyborg named Wire, Kiddy is faced with a gloomy part of her past.

Episode 07 "Kagome Kagome"
AMP member Nami Yamigumo is taken home by her older sister Nana to her underground Shinto temple where she is meant to follow family tradition and find out about herself.

Episode 08 "Yes, My Master"
Once again a Lucifer Hawk tries to make Katsumi side with him, when her own magical dagger (a present from her mother) suddenly turns against her and she gets hurt. Later, Katsumi hears a powerful voice that she cannot resist to follow.

Episode 09 "Tokyo Antique"
Katsumi's apartment has been damaged by the recent battles against Lucifer Hawks. While in search for a new home, she tries to stay at different AMP member's location, which turns out to be troublesome.

Episode 10 "XRP-77"
When the TV news report a case of two young women having been mysteriously killed, Yuki Saiko has to face a part of her childhood than she hoped to have buried forever.

Episode 11 "Alice in Logic-Space"/b>
The Tokyo computer network malfunctions. Is this a terrorist attack or a game? And who is that Cheshire cat laughing from Lebia Maverick's computer terminal?

Episode 12 "Sister"
While LH attack various locations in Tōkyō, the important events take place in Rally Cheyenne's AMP headquarter - and damage is done.

Episode 13 "Category 4"
Katsumi Liqueur has left the AMP and lives together with Roy de Vice now. But when the TV stations report about the Lucifer Hawks of Category 4 (hybrids between humans and Lucifer Hawks), she is made aware that she must make a choice about her own identity.

Episode 14 "Möbius Klein"
At long last, Rally Cheyenne tells Katsumi Liqueur what happened back in the days of the Silent Crisis, what Katsumi's father Gigelf tried to achieve with the "Project Gaia", and how Gigelf's former assistant Ganossa Maximilian interfered in order to turn our world into a hell.

Episode 15 "Lum Cheng"
The Chinese elemental mage and self-acclaimed Feng Shui master Lum Cheng, granddaughter of old Magician's Guild member Avalanche Wong, joins the AMP as their sixth team member. However, she proves uncooperative and takes a strong dislike to Katsumi who remembers her own problems when she was new there, and decides to teach Lum Cheng how to live in this town.

Episode 16 "Labyrinth"
Yuki's fight with a Lucifer Hawk has an unexpected result: she is hurled 30 years into the past, to a pre-apocalyptic Tōkyō! With seemingly no way of returning to her normal lifetime, she is taken in by a young man, Tōru Washio.

Episode 17 "Destiny"
Kiddy Phenyl finds herself framed for murder and is on the run with the police ordered to shoot her on sight. But Ralph Bowmers is confident that she is innocent and undertakes an investigation of his own.

Episode 18 "DOMULL"
Something strange is going on after the Mobile Police Division goes into top secret mode after an incident involving a mass murder with only one survivor. Roy de Vice and Ralph Bowmers are both suspicious of their superiors, while Lebia Maverick is assigned to investigate for AMP.

Episode 19 "Back of a Coin"
Katsumi is troubled by Roy's vow that if she ever becomes possessed by her Lucifer Hawk side, he will kill both her and himself. Lum Cheng uses an unusual tactic to cheer her up. Later, Ganossa Maximilian attempts to use Katsumi and Roy's very real love for each other to his advantage.

Episode 20 "LOVE"
Katsumi and Roy struggle to escape from Ganossa, and in so doing realize their love for one another. But their problems have just begun...

Episode 21 "Dark Side of the Moon"
During the six months following the death of Roy De Vice there have been no serious Lucifer Hawk incidents and the importance of AMP has been drastically downgraded. After being missing for all this time, Katsumi finally shows up again. However, based on some disturbing comments made by AMP's second chief Mana Isozaki, Kiddy is uncertain as to whether she can be trusted anymore.

Episode 22 "CRYING"
Katsumi seems to be in anguish over Lebia being seriously injured, but Mana and Rally wonder if she may have intentionally caused the accident herself. They fear that she has been possessed by the demon sword "Medium", and staged the crash to remove the most skillful defender of the Police computer files. This would enable Ganossa to seize the "Avalanche files" about Project Gaia - something he absolutely needs.

Episode 23 "Life Again"
What with Katsumi a traitor and AMP about to be disbanded, morale is low. Yuki cannot believe what has happened and her abilities are out of control. Kiddy gets a disturbing piece of information from Ralph. Along with Lum Cheng and Lebia she is dispatched to the huge Cyclotron below the town - and the three are shocked by what they find.

Episode 24 "HELL ROAD"
The AMP team is in a shambles, with Katsumi having turned into their most powerful enemy and the ESPer Yuki being driven to hysteria by her visions about different possible futures. Rally is summoned by Ganossa to meet him alone; she goes, despite knowing that this is in all likelihood a trap. And then another AMP member turns out not to be what she appeared to be.

Episode 25 "Count Down"
As AMP headquarters is steadily taken over by the Lucifer Hawks, Kiddy and Lum Cheng confront Katsumi and conclude that attempting to reason with her is hopeless. Mana decides to employ the desperate L-Mission self destruct program in hopes of destroying the Hawks en masse. The building, and later Tōkyō as a whole, is ordered to be evacuated. But the AMP members are torn between obeying orders to flee and attempting to rescue their comrades.

Episode 26 "TOMORROW"
Katsumi is horrified by what she finds after breaking out of Medium's control. At a press conference, the government comes clean about the existence of Lucifer Hawks and AMP. The AMP crew takes stock and vows to continue onwards to total victory over the Hawks.

Comments: Bandai Entertainment;UPC669198210341;Episodes 1-26;6-Disc Complete Collection;

Loaned: No

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