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Estes Stratocruiser

This project is a build of the Estes Stratocruiser by Daniel.


The fins have been glued on and the rocket is ready for the epoxy fin fillets.


Here is one of the fins masked off and ready for the epoxy.


Below is a picture of the epoxy applied to the first fin. We used the Loctite 60 minute epoxy to give us plenty of working time.


With the rocket set aside to allow the epoxy to dry, we primed the nose cone and body tube adaptor with Dupli-Color Filler Primer


We are using Elmers Carpenters Wood Filler on the balsa wood, tube spirals and the fin fillets. The filler has been watered down to a medium-thin consistancy that brushes on easily.

 photo HPIM3014.jpg

All of the parts have been given a coat of filler primer and lightly sanded.

 photo HPIM3017.jpg

After spray painting the body tube white, we masked off the top portion and painted the tail section black. The other parts have been sprayed with gold.

 photo HPIM3019.jpg

Here is the Stratocruiser all painted and we are starting to put the decals on. The 2 gold stripes are contact paper pained with the same gold pain we used on the payload section of the rocket. You can see it in the front left of the photo. Once it was painted we just cut the 2 stripes using a straight edge and an exacto knife.

 photo HPIM3027.jpg

Stratocruiser done and ready to fly!

 photo HPIM3030.jpg